Faulty Generalization Fallacy

Faulty generalization also called argument by generalization or hasty generalization is being explained in this video.


Dirty trick: Committing faulty generalization without sufficient evidence

– Iranians living in other countries are very shallow and sentimental in my opinion.

– Why? What makes you say that?

– Haven’t you seen the program “Befarmaid Sham”? It’s all full of shallow talk and actions and shallow jokes.

Generalization is one of the features of the human brain. Our words are the result of generalization. Generalization in itself is not only not considered a flaw, but a necessity. The problem starts when we generalize based on insufficient evidence or evidence that doesn’t symbolize what we are trying to explain.

National TV interviewer: What is your opinion on the government’s economic plans

People 1 – It’s amazing.

People 2 – Couldn’t be better.

People 3 – They work very well, we’re very satisfied.

National TV Conclusion: “People are satisfied with the government’s economic plans”

When is generalization justified? When we have enough evidence to support our generalization. The more diverse the group we are generalizing is, the more difficult it is to generalize it and the human being is one of the most complex beings in this world and his/her actions are full of diversity.

– In my opinion, women themselves want to be housewives.

– Why? What makes you say that?

– Because I myself am like that. I’d rather not work. My sister is like this too.

People that are looking to abuse would do anything for their claim to be accepted by their audience, without any evidence to support their generalization. Generalizations like our courage, our zeal for our nation, our sacrifice, their invasion, their hypocrisy, their deceitfulness, breaking their promises and etc…

These people use the positive generalization to prepare the public and use this way to have the public’s approval in order to reach their goals.


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