I have been experimenting with storytelling for social impact for many years. To learn and to educate is my passion all the time. My works include short talks, animations, short films, essays (in Farsi), and short e-books (in Farsi).

I’m constantly investigating creative and effective ways (both in terms of technology and media) to convey educational content about the social issues of my country, including gender equality, cultural diversity, digital literacy, and interpersonal relationships.

Storytelling is at the core of my productions. I believe that we are wired for narrations. Sometimes I tell stories to relax people, as it is the case in my podcast, Story with Bayan (in Farsi): Stories for grown-ups to sleep with. And some other times I tell stories to make a point, as it’s the case in every other piece of content that I create. Be it for relaxation or educational purpose, I do it naturally, full-heartedly and for the public benefit.

Please feel free to contact me via email.

Thanks for reading. 

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