Ad hominem Fallacy

In this video, the logical form of Ad hominem fallacy is explained and several examples from politics and personal relationships are provided.

Transcript: Dirty trick: Attacking the person (Not their argument) If someone brought an argument to the table that you felt stuck and couldn’t answer, don’t worry at all, ignore their argument and attack the person themself. For example:
Your long term plans are not efficient for such and such and such reasons. It won’t solve the problems.
The opposed person directly attacks the person bringing forth the arguments instead of answering the arguments:
What do you know about governing a country? What have you yourself done for this country? You only know how to talk. And by saying these words the person gets out of answering the arguments.
The people who use such tricks know very well what makes people get defensive and instead of answering the argument they label the opposite person and say for example:
This person is a communist, they have no religion, they are pro-government (specific to antagonists in Iran), they are from the same side as the people causing problems…
With these words divert the audience’s attention from the arguments brought by the person they oppose. It’s not just limited to politics; let’s see an example of everyday life.
Honey, the fact that you embarrass me in public is not only not funny, but very upsetting.
The opposite side answers:
You’re worse than me, you’re always putting me down in front of others and now that I did it for once you’re upset?
The person evades explaining their wrong behavior by attacking the person opposite them, and this is a fallacy, the person attacks the person bringing forth the argument instead of answering the argument straight.