Rolley Grows Wise – Empathy


Rolley Grows Wise

Rolley walked and walked until he reached a horned pink being.

Horned Pink: Hey Rolley, Where are you headed?

Rolley: I’m going home.

Horned Pink: I won’t let you pass.

Rolley: Let me go!

Horned Pink: On one condition.

Rolley: Name it.

Horned Pink: I will tell you my opinion about rainbows, and you tell me if you agree or disagree.

Rolley: That’s a piece of cake, ok, it’s a deal, you tell me your opinion and I’ll tell you if I agree or not.

The horned pink being explained its view on rainbows. he talked and talked. The rainbow liked what it said and appeared in the sky and Rolley was quiet and listening.

Rolley: Are you done?

Horned Pink: Yes I’m done.

Rolley: Well, I disagree with you.

Horned Pink: You disagree with me huh? Ok, now come let’s play.

Rolley: Forget it, I want to go home.

Horned Pink: Don’t be rude or I’ll eat you!

Rolley: Alright, don’t go crazy. What game do you want to play?

Horned Pink: You and I trade places, I’ll be Rolley and you be the horned pink

Rolley: Ok

Horned Pink: Now speak in my place. Tell me my opinion about rainbows.

Rolley thought a bit.

The only thing he had in mind was that he disagreed with the horned pink’s opinion about rainbows, but he wasn’t able to explain the horned pink’s opinion.  In truth, he did so bad, that the rainbow got upset and hid.

Horned Pink: Rolley, you didn’t succeed, the rainbow ran away.

Rolley: But you only asked me to tell you if I agree with you or not!

Horned Pink: Rolley, remember, only when you are sure you understood someone’s opinion, are you justified in agreeing or disagreeing with them.

Rolley didn’t really get what the horned pink being was saying.

He said: Can I go home now?

Horned Pink: You still haven’t fulfilled my condition, you have to say if you agree with my opinion or you disagree, and as I said, in order to do that you have to understand what I say.

Rolley: Ugh what a pickle I’m in, well, say your opinion one more time.

Horned Pink: Nope I can’t anymore, the rain has stopped and the rainbow has gone and I don’t talk behind its back. Go and come back whenever it starts raining.

Rolley walked and walked sulkily and had to linger in the forest for two days until it started raining again.

He came to the horned pink being to hear his opinion about the rainbow once more.

This time Rolley listened attentively and tried to be sure that he understood everything.

At one point when he thought he didn’t understand something he asked:

Wait wait! Do you mean by saying this that….

And the horned pink explained more and more, and when it was certain that Rolley had understood, without asking anything, opened his path so he could go home.